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It takes a large JHS team for the Annual Evergreen Pumpkin Run

The ultimate volunteer opportunity  is presented this month featuring the hearty volunteers who showed up from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., Sunday, October 30, at Evergreen Cemetery Pumpkin Run photo-oct-30-07-22-29to set up and run the Jacksonville Historical Society water tables for the ever-growing annual event.  The 5 K and ten mile race with 2,200 runners twists and turns through the historic cemetery passing the gravesites of thousands of the city’s citizens.

Lisa Sheppard, Sophie Grimsley, Jean Grimsley, Chase Browing, Larry Hayward, Meghan

Lisa Sheppard, Sophie Grimsley, Jean Grimsley, Chase Browning, Larry Hayward, Meghan Powell and Larry Lisska.

Pumpkin Run volunteers at the 2016 event were first row (left to right): Maggie Means, Catherine Hunt, Sadie Hunt, Kim Flower, Billie Hayward, Alyssa Hennigar, Jean Grimsley, and Sophie Grimsley. Second row (left to right): Larry Lisska, Emily Lisska, Judge Gary Flower, Harry Reagan, Robert Hennigar, Larry Hayward and Nick Grimsley.

Since the race’s inception 16 years ago, the Jacksonville Historical Society has been the event’s selected charity receiving a thousand dollar annual donation from Evergreen Cemetery Association.  The JHS enjoys volunteering for the popular event at the historic location.

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