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Rising from the ashes of the Great Fire of 1901, Crowd’s Barbershop was a loose collection of boards and a tin roof, but his trade grew and his business portfolio expanded. Read more about this resilient businessman.

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Making the Case for Historic Preservation

Part of our mission is to make the case for historic preservation, partly because it creates economic development in addition to cultural capital, but also because an old building contributes to the time capsule of city planning, architecture and construction as they were understood and practiced in the early 1900s.

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115 Years After the Great Fire . . .

Pre-fire buildings and post-fire masterpieces are still threatened May 3 is arguably the most important day in city history. It’s the anniversary of Jacksonville’s Great Fire of 1901. This year, Jacksonville marks 115 years since the conflagration wiped out 2,368 homes and buildings in eight hours. The fire began in the LaVilla area and rapidly […]

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