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Public education advocate joins JHS Board

Jacksonville Historical Society welcomes Kristanna Barnes as new director

At its May Board of Directors meeting, the Jacksonville Historical Society welcomed Kristanna Broward Barnes as a new member of its Board of Directors.

            Barnes – the daughter of the noted late Jacksonville architect Robert Broward and the late Marjorie Broward – is co-owner, along with her son Hampton, of Wick: A Candle Bar, a DIY candle shop in San Marco. Her passion for Jacksonville has been passed down through generations of the Broward family who have called Jacksonville home since 1764.

“Both of my parents instilled in me a sense of duty to ensure that Jacksonville both preserves its history while at the same time learns from the past to create a better city and society for future generations,” said Barnes, a seventh generation Jacksonville native who has spent her career advocating for the betterment of the Jacksonville community through her involvement in education, healthcare, and property development/rehabilitation efforts.

Long an advocate for public education, Barnes has served since 1991 on a wide variety of boards and associations, including the Duval County School Board (2000-2008), the Florida School Boards Association (2002-2007), several Parent Teachers Associations (1991-2002), and The Board Institute for School Boards (2003-2008), among others. She has also served on the boards of the Jacksonville Symphony, the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership, and the Alliance for World Class Education.

Barnes was also a member of the Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI), the Children’s Commission, and the Duval County Joint Planning Committee. Additionally, she was a member of the Duval County Construction Trades Qualifying Board, is a member of the City of Jacksonville’s Value Adjustment Board, and is currently engaged in property development and rehabilitation.

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