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Taken on July 26, 1948, this photo shows customers shopping at an unidentified Setzer's Supermarket in Jacksonville.


SETZER’S — Here’s the Setzer’s Supermarket in San Marco in 1948. It proved much larger than the mom & pop grocery stores around town. A native of Lithuania founded the Setzer’s chain, which stretched throughout Florida and South Georgia. Benjamin Setzer arrived in the US in 1910, and he ran an ice business for many years after he moved to Jacksonville. When Mr. Setzer opened his first retail grocery store, it stood at Fifth and Silver streets in Springfield.

In 1958, Mr. Setzer sold his 40 unit chain to Food Fair Stores, but soon afterwards he founded another local goliath, Pic ‘N Save Drugs. Before going out of business, this company operated over 40 discount department stores in Florida and Georgia. Mr. Setzer was also a partner in Arlington’s Town and Country Shopping Center. And in the non-business realm, he served as the chairman of the board of trustees for the Jacksonville Jewish Center. Mr. Setzer passed away in Jacksonville in 1969, with his final resting place at Center Memorial Park Cemetery.

~written by Glenn Emery







~written by Glenn Emery


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