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From Wallphone to Smartphone

As we celebrate the Jacksonville Bicentennial June 11, 2022, it can be hard to imagine what Jacksonville was like in 1822. So many inventions have been developed during those two centuries to help us live an easier and more convenient way of life. One of those conveniences that changed the world was definitely the telephone.

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What’s in 200 Years?

The Great Fire of 1901 led to a wholesale reinvention of Jacksonville, fostered by an influx of talented, innovative architects and builders eager to make their mark on what the fire had left as a blank urban canvas.

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Jacksonville’s Great Fire Redefined the City

At 200 years old this year, Jacksonville retains very little of the built environment as it existed in 1822. For much of Jacksonville’s first 79 years of existence, development took place using timber construction. Consequently, the devastation of the Great Fire of 1901 created a clean slate on which to design and build a new downtown.

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Who was Andrew Jackson?

In the 200th year of Jacksonville’s existence under that name, residents and visitors sometimes speculate as to why its early citizens identified themselves and their place with Andrew Jackson.

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