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Jacksonville’s Reckoning

We live in a city approaching its 200th anniversary, and that deserves commemoration. We dignify our past by striving constantly to see it clearly, acknowledging its presence in our own lives, and its effects on generations yet to come. That’s why Jacksonville history matters.

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Surprising Jacksonville

For newcomers to Jacksonville, the city can be surprising in many ways. Once you get past the city’s sprawling size, and begin to explore neighborhoods new and old, you begin to sense there’s more here than meets the eye.

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Jacksonville Historical Society Welcomes Charles Storey and Jeff Thompson

At its May 2021 Board of Directors meeting, the Jacksonville Historical Society welcomed Venetia resident Jeff Thompson and Charles “Chip” Storey of St. Augustine as new members of its Board of Directors. “The Jacksonville Historical Society is very pleased to welcome Mr. Storey and Mr. Thompson to its Board of Directors and look forward to […]

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