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Name That Tune: What to Call New Music Museum

Jacksonville Historical Society invites the public to join in naming music history museum and performance venue

Image of guitar in empty warehouse to denote future home of music history museum.

The Jacksonville Historical Society and a task force dedicated to building a music history museum that will firmly set Jacksonville as the birthplace of many genres of music, including Southern Rock, invite the public to participate in a contest to name the venue. Click here to enter.

One part museum, one part intimate performance venue, the unnamed venture will leverage the memories and memorabilia of people who lived through the birth of Southern rock and roll, as well as pay homage to the giants in the blues and jazz genres in Jacksonville’s African American community.

“Jacksonville was a pioneer in blues, jazz, rockabilly, and was the birthplace and launchpad for Southern Rock,” said Dennis Whittle, JHS Board member. “By looking back, we provide a foundation to invent the future. In addition to looking backwards, the museum is intended to be a launching pad: What music genres will Jacksonville pioneer next?”

The museum will provide an opportunity for visitors to travel through the history of blues, jazz, Country and Rockabilly to Southern Rock that originated in Jacksonville.

The public is invited to participate in establishing a name for the music history museum and performance venue, as well as by donating artifacts from music performers who came from Jacksonville or paused here for a time and who subsequently contributed to the rich history of American music that has its roots established in Jacksonville.

Ideas for the name of the museum may be submitted to the Jacksonville Historical Society no later than Sept. 30, 2020. The Jacksonville Historical Society and task force will make the final decision but will acknowledge the person(s) whose idea ultimately leads to establishing the venue’s name, brand and identity.

To contribute items to the museum, contact the Jacksonville Historical Society at (904) 665-0064 or email To donate online, click here.

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