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Jeremy Graf

Not all volunteers at the Jacksonville Historical Society are retired!

As a matter of fact, some of our volunteers are quite young!

Jeremy Meet Jeremy Graf, 24, a Jacksonville native and computer whisperer par excellence! Jeremy began interning at the JHS Archives in January 2015, just as the first quarter of the Cultural Council Grant was ending and newly hired archivist, Taryn Rodriguez-Boette, realized that she had a problem. As part of the goals to fulfill such a grant, 3,050 individual items had to be input into the digital archive catalog. She did not have the time or staff to do such a thing and time was running out! Queue, Jeremy – interested in helping out!unnamed

Jeremy’s dad, Jeffrey Graf, is on the Board of Directors for the Jacksonville Historical Society and mentioned to Jeremy that the society was in desperate need of volunteers. Jeremy, who was taking some time off from school was looking for something to do and decided to offer his services.

After 200 hours of volunteer service, Jeremy has input over 2,300 items. You can find Jeremy Monday through Thursday, 10am – 3pm, at the now named “Jeremy’s Desk,” on the second floor of the JHS Archives.

Jeremy is planning to go back to school this coming fall and will major in computer science. He has also offered to keep inputting items in his spare time (have we mentioned we love Jeremy?!).


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