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Jacksonville: Florida’s Tourist Mecca and Its Grand Hotels: 1869 to 1926

When: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 6:00pm Reception 6:30pm JHS Annual Meeting and Announcements 6:45pm 2019 Endangered Properties Report 7:00pm Jacksonville: Florida’s Tourist Mecca and Its Grand Hotels: 1869 to 1926 Where: St. John’s Cathedral, Taliaferro Hall, 256 E. Church Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Well-known historian, civic advocate and JHS board member, Dr. Wayne Wood, will take us on a trip back through time to revisit this amazing era in Jacksonville’s history. Following the Civil War, Jacksonville became the most attractive winter vacation destination on the nation’s east coast. Throughout America, Jacksonville was known as “The Winter City in a Summer Land.” During the season, the town was filled to capacity with its population doubling. Along with the tourists came great hotels, which were remarkable for their architecture and amenities. Mild winter evenings were filled with orchestra music pouring from the windows of these grand hotels, wafting through streets as visitors promenaded in moonlight. The program will be illustrated with rarely seen images of the era when our city reigned supreme as the nation’s winter playground. The presentation will also include stories of the large downtown hotels built after the Fire of 1901, such as the Mayflower, George Washington, and Seminole, which still existed until recent decades.

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The JHS Speakers Series is underwritten through the generous support of Retina Associates, Fred H. Lambrou, M.D. and H. Alexander Leder, M.D.

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