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Historical Society’s Archivist Assistant Imani Phillips

Imani Phillips, past JHS intern and currently our Archivist Assistant, is a remarkable UNF history major that possesses a calm and beautiful spirit.  Along the way, she also acquired a wonderful sense of humor. These attributes, along with her academic prowess, provided the Jacksonville Historical Society with a smart and capable intern during the fall who was also a joy for the staff and volunteers. ImaniImani is one of a growing number of university students who has received college credits while working at the Historical Society.

The demanding internship, in hours and content, is designed to provide a myriad of experiences in the society’s archival repository. Imani participated in exhibit design and preparation, meetings, workshops, and Merrill House docent activities. One of Imani’s primary responsibilities was organizing the collection of former Times-Union newspaper editor and associate publisher and vice president of the Florida Times-Union, John Walters.  She said, reading through the letters to the editor that he saved was insightful and great fun. She also enjoyed the mystery behind the letters Walters decided to save.  The collection also contains other items, all dating to the 1960’s and early 70’s.

Imani’s easy personality might be reflective of her name, Imani, which means, Faith, in Swahili. She said her grandmother named her. Perhaps, a life that’s taken her from Texas to Alaska, as the oldest child in a military household, is part of the answer. For now, in her twenties, Imani is in Jacksonville, along with family members that include two sisters and a brother.

She obtained her undergrad from the University of North Florida with the help of two scholarships, including one from Ann and David Hicks, while maintaining a job in the university’s cafeteria. Currently she is working to complete her masters degree in history through the University of North Florida.

“She’s a remarkable young woman. She’s a master at meeting her many commitments.”  She also manages to spend time with friends and has a meaningful list of interests. She likes to read, cook, and gather with friends for dinners. Imani also enjoys attending science fiction and fantasy conventions with her friends which she admits is a little quirky.

Last Updated 8/22/2018

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