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Going Going Gone

Going Going Gone

This section offers pictures and information for Jacksonville sights that aren’t very common anymore. In fact, they might not be seen at all, except in such places as history websites.

From white gloves to black & white TV, “Going, Going, Gone” could bring back a plethora of memories. Then again, it may reveal things with which you’re not too familiar. Have you ever held the reins of a ostrich-drawn cart? Finished your homework on a ferry boat? Tasted a malted milkshake from a soda fountain? Seen a shotgun house? Painted a streetcar in psychedelic colors? Or felt relieved when a diaper van picked up a smelly load of baby laundry? Get ready for some interesting reading! Just click on the photos to learn more.

Aviator Goggles
Funeral Home Ambulances
Black & White TV
Black Smoke
Boarding Houses
Bomb Shelters
Brick Streets
Diaper Delivery
Department Stores
Downtown Wharves
Dressing & Driving
Dressing Up to Fly
Drive-In Movies
Edgewood Theater
Ferry Boats
Fire Escapes
Full-Service Gas
Ice Boxes
Jax Beer
LaRose Shoes
Manual Typewriters
Men's Hats
Corner Groceries
Ostrich Farms
Passenger Trains
Peanut Men
Plumed Hats
Rotary Phones
Pre-TSA Air Travel
Shotgun Houses
Soda Fountains
Steam Trains
Toll Booths
Traffic Towers
Travel Trunks
White Gloves
Wood Sailing Ships



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