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Florida’s War: The Untold Story of Northeast Florida’s Role in the Spanish American War

March 14, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Old St. Andrew's
317 A Philip Randolph Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Suggested donation for non-members is $5, unless a student with an ID.
Jacksonville Historical Society

Troops Marching on Forsyth Street: Spanish-American War troops are shown on parade marching past the National Bank of Jacksonville (later, Barnett Bank) at Forsyth and Laura streets.

Join the Jacksonville Historical Society and authors and historians Dr. Wayne Wood and Dr. Berta Arias on Monday, March 14th, to discuss Northeast Florida’s unknown role in the Spanish-American War.

The Spanish American War had a major impact on the life and times of Jacksonville, FL. Residents witnessed astounding events leading up to the war. In 1898, Jacksonville became a major staging ground for troops. In fact, for a time, there were more soldiers in Jacksonville than residents! Fortifications were built at St. Johns Bluff when word spread that the Spanish might attack by sea. Today, the fort and surronding property are privately held, but the Florida Land Trust holds a contract until November 2016 to acquire this historic property with plans to transfer the land to the National Park Service for perpetual use by the public.

Wayne Wood is a frequent presenter at the JHS. He founded Riverside Avondale Preservation and counts decades on the JHS Board and former Jacksonville Landmarks Commission. Dr Wood has authored many books on North Florida history and is a leader in citywide projects, including the development of the Riverside Arts Market and Hemming Park revitalization. Among his many talents, he holds a Doctorate of Optometry.

Berta Arias, Ed.D., enjoyed a career as a professor in world languages and international education in the CHicago area. She collaborated with Dave Shestokas, on his book, Constitutional Sound Bites, creating a translation in Spanish, Capsulas Infrmativas Constitucionales. She now lives in Amelia ISland and recently published her first novel, Mango Rain. Its prequel, Mimi’s Path, is due out the summer 2016.

This program and the 2015-16 JHS program series is generously sponsored by Retina Associates, P.A. Dr. Fred H. Lambrou, Jr.

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