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  • Did You Know?

    Did you know that the Jacksonville Historical Society is now known as the Jacksonville History Center? The original 1929 nonprofit corporation will continue to be our legal identity. But over the past three years we have been introducing the new name, and acceptance has been unanimous. The reason for the new identity is to better…

  • A Life Lost to Save a Mother’s Painting  

    The great fire on May 3, 1901 in Jacksonville is a story of devastation, fear, loss, struggles and determination by city leaders to help the citizens survive and rebuild a better city. There are many stories about the people who survived and some who did not survive. One such story is that of Henry Bounetheau,…

  • Jacksonville History Matters

    “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” That catchy little quote is ascribed to author and artist Mary Engelbreit. It suggests that thinking about the past is a waste of time, because what’s in the past is beyond our ability to affect. That sounds sensible enough. Lamenting what might have been, or wishing to…

  • And all that jazz!

    And all that jazz!

    As Memorial Day weekend approaches, many Jacksonville residents prepare for one of the most anticipated events of the year. The Jacksonville Jazz Festival has provided the city with a long weekend of music, food, and fun for over 40 years. Take a look at how this festival began.

  • Jacksonville’s Bicentennial Commemorative Coin

    Jacksonville’s Bicentennial Commemorative Coin

    Limited-edition Bicentennial Commemorative Coin, on sale for a limited time!

  • From Wallphone to Smartphone

    From Wallphone to Smartphone

    As we celebrate the Jacksonville Bicentennial June 11, 2022, it can be hard to imagine what Jacksonville was like in 1822. So many inventions have been developed during those two centuries to help us live an easier and more convenient way of life. One of those conveniences that changed the world was definitely the telephone.

  • Jacksonville Historical Society Welcomes Charles Storey and Jeff Thompson

    At its May 2021 Board of Directors meeting, the Jacksonville Historical Society welcomed Venetia resident Jeff Thompson and Charles “Chip” Storey of St. Augustine as new members of its Board of Directors. “The Jacksonville Historical Society is very pleased to welcome Mr. Storey and Mr. Thompson to its Board of Directors and look forward to…

  • An update from the Jacksonville Historical Society regarding the current health crisis
  • Council approves funding request

    Council approves funding request

    Jacksonville City Council votes 16-1 in favor of appropriation bill to help Casket Factory building renovation Thanks to 16 of 19 City of Jacksonville Councilmembers, wheels are in motion for help from City Council to fund the $300,000 renovation campaign to establish a state-of-the-art archival processing and storage facility at the Jacksonville Historical Society. On…

  • JHS office opens for appointments

    The Jacksonville Historical Society is pleased to re-open its office, including the archives and research library, by appointment only. Contact our office by phone at (904) 665-0064, or email For archives and research assistance, contact For any additional questions or concerns, contact Chief Executive Officer Alan Bliss directly at     For the…