“The Tuesday Ladies”

When Linda Householder left Northeast Florida many years ago, she never thought fate would bring her back to the area. But it did and, along with Linda Gail Fogg and Mary Anne Kapke, she volunteers every Tuesday morning at the society’s archives. “The Lindas,” as we called them until we realized that Mary Anne was not a Linda and so changed their name to the “Tuesday Ladies,” have been active as archivists and “everything-else-that-needs-to-be-done” volunteers since October 2014. They all live in Ponte Vedra and they take turns driving into IMG_2696town. The women had formerly volunteered at the Beaches Museum but decided to follow Taryn Rodriguez-Boette, former Associate Director and Archivist, when she started working at the society.

Linda Gail was born and raised at the Beach. She taught in the Duval County Schools Special Programs for 41 years. She loves archaeology, fishing, boating, collecting fossils, and adventures. She also documents everything we do at the archive. If you ever want to know what really happens at the archives on any regular week day, befriend Linda Gail on Facebook and follow her (and our) adventures. In her own words, “I have a love for Florida history and a passion for studying its indigenous people. I enjoy working with local archaeologists…digging, sifting and sorting artifacts. I enjoy people, learning new things and working with the JHS staff, who are the best!”

Mary Anne describes herself as a “Jacksonville native who was born in Savannah.” Her mother was a Georgia native and went home to have her babies, but returned to Jacksonville to raise them. Mary Anne attended Venetia Elementary School, St. Paul’s Catholic Riverside, St. Matthew’s Catholic, and Bishop Kenny High School. She has lived on both sides of the river–Venetia and Empire Point. She finally made the move to the Beach in 1980, where she worked as a dental hygienist for many years. Mary Anne likes the archives, but loves the artifacts. She is the point person when setting up an exhibit!

Linda Householder lived as a child in St. Augustine. Her father was a professional baseball player and since he traveled a lot, the family moved to St. Augustine where her grandparents, aunts and uncles resided. Her family, the Godwins, lived in Dupont Center, St. Augustine (property from a Spanish Land Grant given to an old St. Augustine family, Cornelius D. and Lenora Carter DuPont) for many years. When Linda’s father quit the baseball league, they moved “up north” and she moved many more times with her husband, Bill, who was in the Navy. A few years ago they returned “home” to St. Johns County and since then Linda has become active in the community and in researching history.

Come and visit the Tuesday Ladies and learn more about the Jacksonville Historical Society and how we preserve history every day!