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Speaker Series Program: March 23, 2023

Remember when the high school curriculum included a course in Civics? Do you recall learning about the courthouses of Duval County? If you daydreamed through your civics class, here’s your chance to hear about a unique part of Jacksonville’s history, straight from the mouth of someone who’s spent many decades in Jacksonville’s Halls of Justice.

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From the Docent: Victorian Era Hygiene

The James E. Merrill House Museum is full of interesting — and sometimes strange — items common to households in the Victorian era. Each month, Merrill House Museum Coordinator Nancy Gandy takes us on a tour of the two-story house, pointing out some of the oddities.

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First Coast History Conference

In partnership with the UNF Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the Jacksonville Historical Society invites you to attend a reception and conference, with presentations and panels from a variety of history-focused institutions on the First Coast.

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From the Archives

Rising from the ashes of the Great Fire of 1901, Crowd’s Barbershop was a loose collection of boards and a tin roof, but his trade grew and his business portfolio expanded. Read more about this resilient businessman.

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