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Speaker Series: Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project

A crucial component of reducing barriers to opportunity is a better understanding of our community’s history, even — or perhaps especially — when it is harrowing. The Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project is devoted to remember the legacy of seven documented racial terror lynchings in Duval County. Join us February 15 as the co-chairs of the JCRP talk about efforts to research about the documented cases, establish historical markers, and more.

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Postcards from Christmas Past

For a long time, postcards were the most popular way for the people of Jacksonville to not only send their season’s greetings to those they cared about, but for them to receive letters of holiday joy in return.

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A Glimpse of Jacksonville’s Maritime Past

One of the joys of being an historian is discovering old documents that let us see into the past. The past is what happened. History is how we understand and explain the past, and we are constantly understanding it in new ways. Jacksonville is full of stories, which is what makes it such a fascinating place to practice history.

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