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Pop Up History

Jacksonville history “Pops Up” all over town!

A crowd of 175 people gathered at Intuition Ale Works at 720 King Street for our most recent Pop Up History event to hear the story of Silvertown, a forgotten little town from the 1880s which was swallowed up by the growing Riverside neighborhood. Historian Wayne Wood performed a one-man illustrated play, portraying August Buesing, the eccentric German immigrant who founded the all-black Silvertown. Click here for more information about Silvertown.

Intuition Ale Works, which unveiled its new Silvertown ale for this event, is situated in the very heart of this long-lost Jacksonville suburb.The new Silvertown logo, designed by artist Mike Barnhart, adorned the popular Silvertown T-shirts which also went on sale that night.

Jax Pop-Up History Books are a series of events designed to bring attention to the forgotten history buried in our own back yard. They help to make little known historical events come alive. Jax Pop-Up History utilizes social media to spread the word about the secret story telling of historic moments in Jacksonville. These events are designed to encourage young professionals to connect with the history of our city.

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