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October Pumpkin Run Volunteers were a terrific “team”

For 16 years, Jacksonville Historical Society volunteers have staffed the ever growing October Pumpkin Run at Evergreen Cemetery. It requires a “wake up call” typically around 5 a.m. to arrive in time at the cemetery to set up and staff the water tables for the 8 a.m. run through historic Evergreen. 2,000 plus runners participated this year.pumpkinrun1

The JHS volunteer team who pulled off this early morning duty on October 25 included Emmet, Julie and Emma Ruth Ferguson; Joann Purdie; Fran Root; Reecy Thorton; Bob Hennigar; Beth Hohl Asbury; Richard, Jean, Sophie and Nick Grimsley; Maggie Means; Harry Reagan; Lisa Sheppard; and Emily and Larry Lisska.

“It’s the first year since the race began in 2000 that it’s hasn’t been coat and glove weather in the morning hours at Evergreen,” said Executive Director Emily Lisska. It was a beautiful Jacksonville day with runners passing hundreds of pumpkins dotting their path through the historic property.

Perfect or near perfect attendance for the 16 year run goes to Emily and Larry Lisska; Harry Reagan, Maggie Means and Emmet Ferguson. Not attending this year, but volunteers for a decade or more of the runs are Ty Thebaut; Ellen, Kirby and Thebaut Dutton; Gary and Kim Flower; Lisa Sheppard; and Mary Anne and Anwar Saadeh. The JHS gets a $1,000 donation from Evergreen for our team participation.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the JHS,” said Emily. “With the Gingerbread Extravaganza fast approaching, we need about a dozen volunteers or more a day. We won’t be able to hold our biggest event of the year without the help…and it’s lots of fun.”

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