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JHS announces 2017 list of the area’s Most Endangered Properties

On June 15, 2017, the Jacksonville Historical Society released its annual “Most Endangered Buildings” list to draw attention to the plight of significant historical structures that are in danger of being lost because of neglect, development pressures and/or demolition. The purpose of selecting the most imperiled structures is to increase the public’s awareness of the need for the preservation of our historic landmarks.

2017 Endangered List
LaVilla Shotgun Houses
Charthouse Restaurant
Drew Mansion
Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant
JEA/Universal Marion Building
Old Duval County Armory
Riverside Fire Station No. 5
Claude Nolan Cadillac Building
JAX Brewing Company Manufacturing Plant
Annie Lytle Public School
Florida Baptist Convention Building
Post-Civil War Cottage
San Marco District
Former YWCA Building
Jones Brothers Furniture Building
Barnett Bank Building
Laura Street Trio
Moulton & Kyle Funeral Home
Greyhound Station
Wesley Mannor

Information about each structure came from the Jacksonville Historical Society Archives or Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage: Landmarks for the Future.

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