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2015 Gingerbread Extravaganza People’s Choice Winner

2015 Gingerbread House Extravaganza: People’s Choice Winner

2015 People's Choice Award Winner: Christmas Comes But Once a Year by Emily & Larry Lisska

2015 People’s Choice Award Winner: Christmas Comes But Once a Year by Emily & Larry Lisska

Christmas Comes But Once a Year created by Larry and Emily Lisska is the 2015 Gingerbread House Extravaganza People’s Choice! This vote is compiled by people who attended the Extravaganza and were asked to select their favorite gingerbread house/creation.

The runners-up for the People’s Choice Award were 2) KooKoo for Gingerbread by a father-daughter team, Robert and Alyssa Hennigar; 3) Snowman’s Paradise by Dawn DeForge, Connie Farnan and Caron Scruggs; 4) Star Wars: Christmas Awakens by the Gay, Miller and Powell Family; and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by EJ McIntyre.

  • 2015 People's Choice Award Winner: Christmas Comes But Once a Year by Emily & Larry Lisska
  • People's Choice 2nd Place: KooKoo for Gingerbread by Rob and Alyssa Hennigar
  • People's Choice 3rd Place: Snowman’s Paradise by Dawn DeForge, Connie Farnan and Caron Scruggs
  • People's Choice 4th Place: Star Wars: Christmas Awakens by The Gay, Miller and Powell Family
  • People's Choice 5th Place: A Tribute to Jules Verne by EJ McIntyre

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the Gingerbread House Extravaganza. We hope you’re inspired to build your gingerbread creation for next year’s show!


Here is a list of all the show’s judged winners. We are so grateful for their participation! (Bolded names also won People’s Choice recognition.)

  1. Best In Show: Jesse Ball DuPont – EJ McIntyre
  1. Best Traditional: Hansel & Gretel – The Sasser Family
  1. Best Fantasy: Star Wars: Christmas Awakens – The Gay, Miller and Powell Family
  1. Best Local Historic: Castillo de San Marcos – Drew Haramis & Mary Squires and St. Marks’s Episcopal Day School
  1. Best Landmark:
    CO-WINNERS A) Christmas in San Marco – Jennifer Pochurek, Francine Shell, Kriten Allen, Molly Curry, Heather Hodgett, Heidi Harris and Kat Davis
    B) Fountain in the Square – Peterbrooke Chocolatiers
  1. Best Local Institution: Old St. Luke’s Hospital – Erica Hornung
  1. Best Religious: Once Upon a Night – Belinda Walter & Donna Dell
  1. Best Creative: Snowman’s Paradise Holiday – Dawn DeForge & Connie Farnan
  1. Best Storybook: Goldielocks & the Three Bears – Karin Jackson
  1. Best Youth: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas – Donna Smith, Mabel Smith, Ella Smith, Ashton Body, Louie Body, Charlotte Rosenburg
  1. Best Family: Nightmare Before Christmas: Christmas Town – Benjamin and Elana Pochurek
  1. Best Village: Santa’s Workshop – Rayonier AM
  1. Best First Time Builder: Koo-Koo for Christmas – Robert and Alyssa Hennigar
  1. Best Technical: Catch Me If You Can – Tri-Delta Jacksonville Almnae: Carol Creighton, Leigh Wilsey and Mary Jane Carter
  1. Best Whimsical: Christmas is Full of Surprises – Denise & Steve Hyrne
  1. Best Craftsmanship: A Special Night in the China Cabinet – Sara Aicher
  1. Best Place To Work: Christmas at Blue Cross – Team HIMANSHU MEHTA

Manager: Himanshu Mehta Project Manager: Cheryl Brinson; Project Manager Assistant: Ron Walton; Junior Engineer: Anthony Frecona; Junior Engineer: Hannah McKinlay; People Sculptor: Rene Hernandez; Edible Cars:  Ed Wojciak; Transporters: Rene Hernandez, Wayne Pollard, Inhye Stevens; Gingerbread Team Assistants: Dorothy Sotomayor-Torres, Jennifer Nova, Debbie Gauvin,Wayne Pollard, Inhye Stevens, Rene Hernandez, Yellappa Adepu, Kinman Patel,  Mily Villacis, Sridev Prakash.

  1. Lifetime Achievement: White Christmas – Lauren Dunn

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