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Archive volunteers provide service throughout the year

February 2017

The Jacksonville Historical Society Archive volunteers provide over 2,000 work hours annually- not including the Gingerbread House Extravaganza! The JHS Archive averages sixteen consistent volunteers who work on a weekly basis. They assist Archivist Andrew Morrow with duties such as cataloging collections that are made up of books, blueprints, miscellaneous paper materials, photos, postcards, scrapbooks and many other objects. These collections are then made accessible to the public via our online catalog that can be searched via our website, JHS would not be able to provide the level of information to the many daily archive requests if not for the dedication, support and time volunteers give the society.

The age range for our volunteers is 16 – 87 years young! Many of these volunteers are the happy faces that great and serve you at the monthly program series held at Old St. Andrews.

A big thank you to all who volunteer! To learn more about some of our wonderful volunteers, please click the following links:

The Tuesday Ladies
Billie & Larry Hayward
Victoria Albright
Pumpkin Run Volunteers — 2015 & 2016
Georgia Pribanic
Imani Philips

Not to be forgotten, the members of the Jacksonville Historical Society Board all serve as volunteers for the society. Thank you for all you provide to the society! To view a list of the current 2017-18 members and more details, please visit the JHS Board member page.


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